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Website Hosting

Would you like a hosting account that is easy and simple to use and gives you online help and support 24/7?


Join us...

At Pink Frog we have put together a basic hosting package that is simple and easy to use. Most of you have told us that you just want a website for your friends, family, local club or society, or just as a hobby and find the majority of hosting packages confusing.

The bells and whistles can come later as and when your skills and understanding of the Internet develop, at which point we will be happy to supply you with the bells and whistles too!


Here is our Starter Package...

Our starter package which is more than ample for most of you, costs £59.00 per annum plus VAT @ 20%. The price includes one FREE Domain Name and.....

  • 100MB of disk space - the average home website is 1MB or less....
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • Forwarders - as many aliases as you wish. E.G., etc.
  • Autoresponders - Create and configure automatic responses to email messages.
  • 100MB of data transfer per month
  • Online control panel with lots and lots of help
  • FTP
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP
  • SSL
  • Graphical Statistics - find out who is visiting you web site, when and what they are searching for to find you.
  • CGI scripts - Add interactivity to your site with a message board, guest book and lots more...
  • FREE support via email
  • ALL this for less than 19 pence per day, including VAT!



Why not test drive our easy to use control panel today? Login now to a Demo site by clicking on the link below. The User Name is "pinkdemo" and the Password is "demodemo"

Pink Demo Control Panel

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